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An Adventure of a Lifetime

An Adventure of a Lifetime

June 18, 2013 0 Comments

For the next few weeks, in honor of Chandler Chicco’s 18th anniversary, we’ll be posting thoughts and reflections from long-time CCC veterans. This week’s post is from Lisa Stockman, one of our first employees, now the managing director of Chandler Chicco Companies.

I remember being told when I resigned to become a founding member of Chandler Chicco that I was making a huge mistake. I thought, if nothing else, it’d be an adventure. And what an adventure it has been.

We started the agency with five people and a philosophy – people will do remarkable work if given the freedom to see and the power to do. So we did away with job titles and office walls. We encouraged each other to innovate, ideate and make things happen. We measured our success in terms of meeting client goals and making a difference in people’s lives.

The result: those first five people are now nearing 500. We have almost as many accolades and awards, including “Healthcare Agency of the Decade,” which sort of sums it up. Clients seek out and trust our counsel because of our breadth and depth in health and our ability to seamlessly service, globally, all their communications needs.

Today, we still embrace the freedom to see and power to do. The work we do is remarkable and makes a difference. And we have fun doing it. That’s why every day is still an adventure – even after 18 years. And it’s an adventure that I hope never ends.

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