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Al Jackson

An expert in advocacy communications for health policy, public affairs and issues management campaigns, Al brings a deep knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid, health policy and federal budget issues to Chandler Chicco Companies. He has experience in coalition building, media outreach, grassroots mobilization, government relations support and online strategies. In his career, Al has counseled companies and third-party organizations and served in senior roles at the American Hospital Association and at the American Medical Association. He is also an attorney and a hardcore political junkie.

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July 30, 2012


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Sometimes Wrong, Never In Doubt

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is omnipotent. What it says, is. By definition, it speaks only truth. And while its estimates are often unreliable, its decisions are nonetheless final. That is, until it issues new estimates. Last week, the CBO released its revised analysis of the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on the federal budget. A revised analysis was required, of course, after the Supreme Court ruled on the ACA. Specifically, CBO had to take another look at the impact of the law since the Court ruled that its Medicaid expansion provisions were, in part, unconstitutional. The Court, you will recall, found that the federal government could not coerce – and effectively require – states to expand their existing Medicaid programs to cover populations up to 130% of the poverty level. As a result of the Court decision, the CBO analysis found that three million fewer Americans would have health insurance in 2022 than would have been insured had the Court left the Medicaid provisions in place. Further, CBO says the ACA will cost taxpayers about $84 billion less over ten years than it would have before the Court ruled. How did CBO arrive at these calculations? DidContinue Reading

January 26, 2012


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Health Policy 2012 – Is Anything Happening?

At first glance, it would easy to assume that there will be very few health policy accomplishments in 2012. Why? Waiting for SCOTUS – Seemingly everyone is waiting for the United States Supreme Court ruling – expected in June after March oral arguments – on the Affordable Care Act. Will the Court strike down the individual mandate? If it does, what will it say about the rest of the law? It would be reasonable to assume that much activity surrounding implementation of the law would be on hold pending that decision. But… it would be wrong to make that assumption. Implementation of the Affordable Care Act is proceeding at the federal and state levels. Divided Government – For the moment, anyway, the system faces built-in inertia, and getting anything done will be hard if not impossible. But things are getting done, despite the barriers. For example, an agreement was reached last week between the FDA and generic drug manufacturers to develop and pass “GDUFA,” the Generic Drug User Fee Act, to provide additional funding to FDA to help get generic drugs to market faster. Medical device manufacturers are working to develop a similar approach…and Congress will reauthorize PDUFA this year.Continue Reading