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The Health Wearable Technology Revolution – Who Will Lead the Charge?

The average person may associate wearables solely with fitness junkies. The evolution of personal tracking has brought about a wave of products that are perfect for fitness-conscious consumers, including daily activity trackers such as Fitbit and Jawbone, and even “smart shirts” – exercise clothing that tracks heart rate and breathing as you work out. But the newest health wearables have the ability to do more than just track your run. Within the past few months alone, Jawbone has introduced UpCoffee, an add on wearable that determines how well a user’s body is reacting to caffeine; Beddit has presented a wearable that informs how well you slept; Scanadu Scout has released a device that processes and measures vitals by simply placing the device on the forehead; and Apple has unveiled its highly anticipated Apple Watch, which will track all vital signs through fitness apps by syncing to an iPhone. It is tough to exaggerate the influence that wearables will have on healthcare, and as such, on pharma and medical device companies. Although pharma and medical device companies are notorious for risk adversity, their greatest risk in this case is being left behind by tech companies. Allowing tech to own the marketContinue Reading