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Alyssa Bleiberg

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September 6, 2016


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Have a Seat! Facebook Live Brings Readers and Viewers to the Media Interview Table

In today’s world of digital media, the everyday person with a passion, completely untrained in professional journalism has the ability to write and share content, and generate large followings by way of blogging, creating YouTube videos and more. But now professional journalists at traditional media outlets are taking a cue from these folks and leveraging the same tactics to engage and extend the reach of their audiences too. If you were to read a celebrity cover story from a magazine like Glamouror Women’s Health, you’ll read exactly what pieces of the interview the editors selected to be most interesting to their readers. They’ve sharpened the content and likely eliminated the personal side banter the celebrity and editor had prior to jumping in on the “official” discussion. If the celebrity is promoting a new project or campaign, it’s typically going to be a very short part of the final article. But what if the readers of these articles could join that initial interview conversation? What if they could hear it all and even participate by commenting and asking their own questions? Well, now they can! Insert Facebook Live – a new approach to a traditional media interview that enables followers toContinue Reading

March 18, 2016


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Breaking Through the Inbox: The Art Of The Subject Line

As PR pros, we devote significant time to craft the perfect media pitch, landing on something catchy, creative, intriguing and most importantly, client-approved. We’re often excited with our final product, ready to hit “send” and begin the process of answering reporter questions, setting up interviews, and seeing coverage come to life. Other times, we may panic over the lack of immediate interest over email, and feverishly hop on the phone to get these media contacts live. But what happens when no one answers our call, or seems to remember seeing our email in their inbox? A reporter’s work at a particular media outlet has changed dramatically over the years.  They are now working in a 24-hour news cycle, developing different and continuous content for TV, print, but also the news outlets’ social channels, online versions and tablet versions. With more and more work piling up, reporters are answering fewer and fewer phone calls.  It’s an email world and to break through the clutter of a reporter or producer’s inbox, you need to have a subject line that deems your email worthy of even being opened. Without the right subject line, the heart and soul you put behind your catchy pitchContinue Reading