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Amanda Loban

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Someone Else’s Eyes

This post wraps up our month-long celebration of Chandler Chicco’s 18th anniversary, and our weekly posts containing thoughts and reflections from long-time CCC veterans. This week’s post is from Amanda Loban, an 11-year CCC employee who works on the business development team. As we watched the Little League certificates for my son’s team print out, the owner of our local UPS Store and I chatted. He mentioned he was a member of Red Sox Nation and showed me the wall of clocks that showed the times in various cities, plus the one that showed the time at Fenway Park. I proudly mentioned that our company was working pro bono to promote NVRQT, an organization that raises money and awareness for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (PCRF) and is supported by Boston Red Sox pitcher, and cancer survivor, Jon Lester. His eyes lit up for a moment and he relayed that he had bought an NVRQT Jon Lester-autographed ball for his sister a few years back because she was such a huge fan. Then his head bent down ever so slightly and he shared that he had lost his sister to cancer shortly thereafter. She had had three different cancers –Continue Reading

The Messy Way to Progress

In healthcare communications, how do you balance the necessary control of regulatory and legal with the need for creativity? A panel at the recent Advertising Week 2012 – billed as A Discussion of Creative Destruction and its Impact on Communications – attempted to provide at least partial answers. The panelists were all passionate and knowledgeable about the subject. But at times – and truly, this is in no way a knock on the session or the panelists – following the conversation was like following a ping pong match. In 45 minutes, we covered, among other topics, content curation, mobile technologies, advertorials, and bloggers. True to some explanations of creative destruction, it was a messy (in a good way) way of exploring how creativity can change a company’s progress. I was encouraged that many of the points made were about paid media and walked out thinking that PR/communications was actually ahead of advertising in creatively facilitating brand engagement. I think PR’s edge comes from a constant focus on authenticity, on digging deep to understand how to connect with audiences. We know how to create a dialogue with stakeholders so that our messages are not only seen, but also heard and understood.Continue Reading