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June 13, 2014


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Food Bloggers: It’s Not Just What They Cook, It’s Who They Are

Hundreds of food bloggers descended upon Miami last month for BlogHer Food ’14, the must-attend event for the food blogging community. With 90 percent of people going online for recipes, food blogging has taken the social world by storm. Some 73% of people say they trust food bloggers, likely because food blogging is no longer just about food. Food bloggers allows readers into their kitchen and provide a glimpse at not only what they eat, but who they are. On the heels of the conference, I had the opportunity to chat with the co-founder and COO of BlogHer, Elisa Camahort Page. Elisa gave Allidura an insider’s view on what brands and consumers alike should look out for as food blogging continues to gain popularity: Food blogging is complex and must be recognized. Everyone is searching for authentic enthusiasm, passionate commentary and opinionated content. This is true across the blogosphere, but what’s different about the food blogger? Successful food bloggers are constantly cooking up new ways to stimulate our senses through their sites. “It’s not just about making a recipe,” said Elisa. “First, you have to create a recipe, experiment with it until it’s right, and then take professional, high-quality photosContinue Reading

Thinking Beyond the Booth: A New Look at Conference Sponsorships

Each year the blogosphere rolls out its red carpet of available conferences for people to attend. There are the tried and true, long standing “go-to’s” like BlogHer, and the growing new kids on the block like Blogalicious and BlissDom which pride themselves on a more intimate focus. As the list of available conferences continues to grow, attendees aren’t the only ones making choices about which conferences to attend. Sponsors are faced with important decisions too. Sponsors are imperative for successful conferences. Their presence doesn’t simply fund the event, but is critical in helping bring conference activities to life. As the number of conferences grows, sponsors need to evaluate not only event attendance, but also which events provide opportunities to go beyond the traditional conference menu to create memorable activations that connect with attendees. Here are a few ways to eschew standard conference activations and effectively connect brands with their key audiences: Think beyond the booth. The booth should be thought of as a “hub” for a larger activation that provides attendees with a place to interact with your company, with one another and with your brand. Take a look at how The Coca-Cola Company made its footprint on BlogHer ‘13.Continue Reading