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August 4, 2015


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Engaging Change Through Effective Communications

This is an excerpt of a bylined article appearing in the August issue of O’Dwyers. As most of us can attest, the pace of change has accelerated in recent years due to disruptions in a range of industries. McKinsey research suggests companies are in a nearly permanent state of organizational flux, with 60 percent of global executives reporting they had experienced a redesign within the past two years. Despite a huge investment in change management strategies, tools and training, companies struggle to realize the promise of these redesigns. Studies still show that 70 percent of change initiatives in organizations fail. Prioritizing Engagement over Change Management Change initiatives fail for a number of reasons, but a key breakdown is top-down communication that comes across as unauthentic or fades away after the initial announcements. Instead of focusing on “managing” a change, our experience tells us that engaging organizations in change is a more effective and long-lasting solution. After all, most employees today have seen or personally experienced organizational change multiple times unlike a generation or two back, when most employees faced such a change just a few times in their careers. The current workforce is far more nimble and adaptive to changeContinue Reading

February 20, 2014


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Getting Used to Not Getting Used to It: “Change As the New Normal” Panel Discussion at the Holmes Reports’ IN2 Summit

As part of the Holmes Reports’ In2 Summit in San Francisco, Chandler Chicco Companies’ Julie Adrian hosted a panel on “Managing Change as the New Normal.” The panel featured: Eric Brown, GM, Communications, Microsoft & Skype Shawn Dainas, Vice President, Global Corporate Communications, Riverbed Technology Yon Richner, Manager, Talent & Organization Development, Mentor Worldwide Susan Solomon, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, St. Joseph Health System Julie led a lively discussion covering how business leaders have had to shift their approach as organizations have had to adopt a “getting used to not getting used to it” environment. Early on, the theme of juggling both the internal and external perceptions was a critical skill the panelists have had to master. While the concept of “managing from the outside in” had come up from a speaker earlier in the day, Shawn Dainas reminded the audience that you need to “get it right internally” so that it shows up when employees meet with external stakeholders, citing the salesforce as an example. Internal partnerships and flexibility were also critical components to successfully managing change. While knowing the “north star” or end goal of the organization and any transition at hand were important, equally important wereContinue Reading