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August 21, 2015

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What do running 100 miles and PR have in common? More than you might think

“Are you ok? Where’s your bike?” asked a worried-looking couple. “Oh, I am not biking, I am running,” I replied. “Wait, you did that to yourself running?” they asked. It had been a pretty hard fall. Coming down a rocky trail my foot tripped and I went down, gashing my arm deeply. It wasn’t the worst wound, the blood just made it look bad. “Nothing like a little rock ‘n’ roll,” I said, heading off, thinking I was being funny. For seven months, I’ve been training for a 100 mile trail run to be held this weekend in Leadville, Colorado. That’s right, 100 miles. In one go. Did I mention Leadville sits at a dizzying and breathless 10,000 feet? And the course demands you run up, as high as 12,600 feet. To be sure, I am no beginner. I’ve remained a keenly enthusiastic runner for 15 years and competed in dozens of races from my local rotary club 5k to the Boston marathon to a 100k night run in Switzerland. I am happiest when I am running. This is, though, my 100-miler. People often ask me, ‘why do you run 100 miles?’ The answer is simple. I like to competeContinue Reading

February 18, 2015


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Digital Health Innovation at International CES

After suffering a concussion in January 2014, communications executive Jaime Rupert experienced sleeplessness, lapses in memory and other unusual symptoms. She was subjected to CT Scans and an MRI but with no clear indication of what was wrong.  Doctors told Jaime to go home and wait it out. Only she didn’t wait it out. Encouraged by friends, Jaime instead went to see a tech group. Neurotopia develops sensors that read our brain’s activity. It was through this technology that Jaime could see areas of unusually high activity. The activity was the result of her concussion and the reason for her problems. The team worked with Jaime to develop a plan to reduce the activity and lead her back to good health. Brayn Hixon, Neurotopia’s CEO and Founder, compares the brain to computer hardware, and the brain’s activity to software. “MRI looks at its structural anatomy, the hardware. Yet software is often the problem. The brain’s activity. We measure that.” Jaime’s was one of several stories shared at the recent Digital Health Summit at the International CES meeting that exemplified digital technology changing lives for the better. The biggest show of its kind in the U.S., CES is well known forContinue Reading