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September 11, 2012


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What Online Platform Benefits Your Digital Strategy?

Each social media platform has its own capabilities and the means to help meet the goals of a digital strategy. However, with different platforms delivering different capabilities, it’s easy to make a wrong turn and drive down a digital road that prevents you or your company from meeting their full social media potential. What can each platform do for you? Google+ It’s not ready yet, but Google+ is an up-and-coming platform to be used for building business relationships. Google+ is a platform used for self branding. A common mistake is comparing Google+ with online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The proper comparison to Google+ is LinkedIn because of the opportunities the two platforms present for the creation of business profile pages. LinkedIn LinkedIn is a wonderful platform to build business relationships with people online. By joining LinkedIn groups related to your business and consumers, and participating in the conversations within the groups, a business can grow and become an active voice in the LinkedIn community. LinkedIn is best used as a platform to establish your business as a thought-leader and gain trust with peers, rather than placing advertisements. Since users join LinkedIn to build relationships, ads can beContinue Reading

The Social Surgery Room

Recently, hospitals have been taking social media into the operating rooms. Don’t worry, the actual surgeons are not doing the Tweeting or posting – they use a dedicated social media team for that. But what the surgeons are doing is using social media to educate people with a bird’s eye view of what they do every day. As innovative as it may seem, we actually started seeing this two years ago when the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit publicized the first ever live-Tweeted medical procedure in robotic cancer surgery. What was the result of the live-Tweeting? The hospital’s reputation was enhanced, and as more patients trusted the hospital’s innovative approach, more healthcare professionals wanted to work there. Instagram also brought us into the operating room when Michael Schmidt, director of digital media at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children took pictures of three-year-old Emily Stone’s open heart surgery on his iPhone. He then used Twitter and Facebook, as well as the hospitals personal blog to upload the photos every 10 minutes. By using the social platforms real-time, Schmidt created a live timeline of the surgery that caught the attention of 2,500 sets of eyes. During the days that followed, the hospital’sContinue Reading