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Bryan Kaye

As one of Chandler Chicco Companies’ digital strategists, Bryan combines knowledge and experience from his days in traditional healthcare communications with the ever-evolving world of digital and social media. Bryan provides high-level direction for the creation, management and implementation of a variety digital and social communications initiatives, incorporating the latest in technological advances in order to differentiate clients from their competition. He has advised and guided the development of digital, traditional and social efforts for overall corporate responsibility programs, large-scale events and highly-regulated branded and unbranded pharmaceutical initiatives.

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January 27, 2014


Categories: Digital and Social Media

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Hey Pharma! Time to Embrace Being Social

Facebook’s recent newsfeed algorithm change has presented an indirect a wake-up call for pharma: it’s time to learn how to be social. It’s more imperative than ever to garner engagement on your posts, so adapt accordingly. But why is it that pharma has struggled to be successful in what may arguably be one of the most social topics – your health? What Do We Need to Do to Embrace Being Social? It starts with a change of mindset. To help approach this, I first need to make an important distinction between “health” and “pharma.” Health is social. We always hear that. I can beat you over the head with statistics showing that the majority of Americans use online/social for health information and/or advice. This ranges from looking up symptoms on WebMD, to participating in a community or campaign for disease awareness or even seeking comfort and advice from others with the same experiences. Even offline, your health is social. You get “feel better” wishes from family and friends, someone brings you chicken soup, and most importantly, your loved ones are concerned and care. Pharma is not social. It tries to be, most often in the disease awareness or corporate spaces,Continue Reading

Explained: Facebook Page Newsfeed Algorithm Changes

With a recent Pew Research Study reporting that 30 percent of US adults get their news on Facebook; 43 percent saying that they post or share links to news stories; and 60 percent noting that they like or comment on news stories, Facebook is beginning to focus their brand page/newsfeed algorithm on “high-quality stories.” This includes news, sports, or shared interests, as opposed to popular Internet “memes” or other fun, viral content. Essentially, Facebook will begin to place a higher priority on these “high-quality” stories, letting personal pictures and other content that is considered not informative fall to the wayside. High-quality stories are determined by the level of engagement a post receives – meaning the number of likes, comments, and shares, coupled with a determination of whether a post is “informative” – which consists of what we are assuming is the source, topic, and nature of engagement (likes vs. comments). Unfortunately, Facebook has not released details on where exactly they will draw the line for “high-quality” vs. memes; much of what a user sees in their newsfeed will be based on the last 50 interactions a user has with the site. While creating engaging content that users will interact withContinue Reading