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July 29, 2014


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Brainstorm DOA?

Ever wonder what makes a fantastic brainstorm? Does it require a roomful of hyper-creative individuals – and is creativity an innate trait? To get the most out-of-the-box thinking from your organization, we think the better question to ask is: What can you do to make a brainstorm fantastic? Putting the right effort into your quest before the gathering is more likely to produce the breakthrough thinking you seek. Here are four tips to make sure your next brainstorm isn’t dead on arrival: Diagnose the Need Clearly stating the business objective seems like obvious advice, but it is often overlooked. Creating a consumer campaign name for flu awareness is a very different brainstorm than, say, kicking off a multi-year program to reduce diagnostic error in a hospital. The former can be done by a virtual brainstorm; the later requires dialogue, collaboration, a nurturing atmosphere (social support), motivation and insights. Start by making an accurate diagnosis of what you need: is your challenge a mystery or a puzzle? A puzzle sorts through known information and figures out what is missing, while a mystery requires deeper insights, judgment and assessments of often too much information to frame the situation and make recommendations toContinue Reading

Elephants Never Forget…Empathy

In February, Asian elephants joined wolves, apes and some members of the crow family on the confirmed list of animals that demonstrate empathy – believed to be one of the most complex emotions. A recent study in Thailand showed that the gentle giants responded with reassuring acts and vocalizations when fellow elephants showed signs of distress or had been attacked. Once considered unique to humans, empathy has been observed at varying levels of the food chain. If empathy is part of our animal nature, why does it get such a bad rap in business environments, where overt expressions of empathy can seem unprofessional and out of place? In healthcare PR specifically, where you work directly with patients and advocacy groups, empathy can broadcast that you are too “attached,” or that you are letting your feelings cloud your business judgment. I believe these hesitations and stigmas regarding empathy are misguided. Far from tainting our perceptions, this emotional response sharpens our instincts and helps us navigate chaotic situations – so common in healthcare – where patients, providers and payers seem to be pursuing different agendas. In fact, empathy is the keystone of an authentic, patient-centric PR program, whether it is branded orContinue Reading