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December 15, 2016


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It’s Official: We are hooked on health, and brands are taking note!

Are your social feeds bombarded with buzzwords like superfoods and probiotics, fad fitness offerings or the latest DIY diets? While the hooked on health trend isn’t new news, brands have been seeking unique ways to integrate health all year long. Whether through creative partnerships, product extensions or new offerings, we’ve seen the halo of health stretch far and wide in 2016. To break through the clutter, companies must think differently and show they understand the modern, everyday realities and wellness needs of consumers. Check out what some companies have done this year. We suspect even more brands will put a healthy spin on their products and offerings in 2017. Community & Physicality: In our “always-on” lifestyles, more and more people are craving connection while trying to find time for fitness. Several companies have captured consumers’ desire for fitness experiences that encourage socializing. Wellvyloffers members social interactions combined with mind, body and soul activities.Serene Social offers pop-up health experiences. And there are even fitness-focuseddating apps! Exercise Everywhere: Retailers from airports to hotels are giving consumers on-the-go opportunities to get and look fit. Target and SoulCycle launched a 10-City Tour and co-branded gear; you can find dedicated yoga spaces at airports acrossContinue Reading

Operating in Beta – The Rise of Real-Time Marketing

“Prepared spontaneity,” “continuous disruption,” “pre-approved new language”—these apparent oxymorons are common in real-time marketing speak and were topics of discussion during the Association of National Advertisers’ Real-Time Marketing Conference held last month. A variety of industry representatives, including Kraft Foods, Hasbro, MasterCard, Coca-Cola and MINI USA, shared insights as to how marketers are evolving to adapt to a faster-paced marketing landscape, highlighting success stories based on transformed infrastructure. With the explosive growth of social media, marketing techniques that can capitalize on topical issues or events while engaging consumers directly have taken on increasing significance and importance for brand marketers. Companies are also showing an increasing willingness to draw on concepts or events that are outside of, or seemingly unrelated to, the defined brand identity to create connectivity with consumers. A few notable examples are Oreo’s “Dunk in the Dark” Twitter campaign during the Super Bowl blackout, Coca Cola’s royal baby bottle ad, MINI USA’s partnership with Miracle-Gro and Monopoly’s “Save the Token” Facebook campaign. While each company has a different approach, a common thread among all is the establishment of a process and infrastructure that enables marketers to listen to and engage with consumers on trending topics. Vital to thisContinue Reading