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October 5, 2017


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Key elements of engaging healthcare employees

In this article published in the October 2017 edition of O’Dwyer’s magazine, Cynthia Isaac, Head of Corporate Communications Practice, talks about why engagement of healthcare employees is such a challenge and discusses three global trends that are at play: 1) “Trust in large businesses is declining, with only 18 percent of Americans reporting “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in big business, with similar declines worldwide.” 2) “Many companies are moving toward an “outsourced” and highly distributed business model” 3) “The demographics of the workforce are undergoing a seismic change” Cynthia also lays out action steps for HR and internal communications leaders taking into account these global trends. Read more by clicking the link below and scrolling to page 14. Key elements of engaging healthcare employees

July 22, 2015


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Data Visualization and Health Communications

  As a scientist turned PR professional, I can attest to the power of pictures. Even as I completed my experiments in the lab and crunched the numbers, I knew that the greatest insights I would gather would be after I graphed the results and studied them carefully. As a human being, you are hardwired to have a penchant for pictures. Almost 50 percent of your brain is involved in visual processing. You can get the sense of visual scene in less than 1/10 of a second. In contrast, reading involves scanning the characters, putting them together to make words, and then sentences. The healthcare industry generates vast amounts of information through clinical trials, electronic health records and genomic and biometric data, among others. In this era of “big data”, visualization provides real value by helping researchers find trends, expose outliers, and provide actionable insights to patients and their healthcare providers. In a growing trend, individuals can visualize their personal data to make sense of their own experiences, such as their spending patterns, sleep and exercise habits or even their social media behaviors. Companies like Quantified Self and PatientsLikeMe are helping people not only capture, graph and understand their ownContinue Reading

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