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Elana Sehgal

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August 14, 2017


Categories: Communications


Is This Real Life? The Future of Storytelling

Say goodbye to fact sheets, print ads and celebrity endorsements and PSAs to get your client’s message out into the world. Consumers are looking to connect with one another through firsthand experiences from others just like them. As health care communicators, we want to share stories that inspire and motivate the patients and families we serve to dream big, while staying adherent to treatment routines. The use of real and raw narratives can leave a lasting impact and dramatically propel a conversation forward in a way that celebrities and other notable figures haven’t been able to do in the past. There are several reasons why companies are starting to take this approach when it comes to health and wellness education: It enhances patient and doctor dialogue: A strong dialog can foster a positive HCP-patient relationship that could ultimately support shared decision-making as well as improve disease management and outcomes. It can also motivate a patient to stay adherent to their treatment plans. It can encourage two-way conversations and educate others too: By being open and sharing the good, bad and ugly, it may give others living with the same condition the courage to share their own experiences. These types ofContinue Reading