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Elizabeth Walmsley

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Brand Facebook Pages in Pharma – When and How to Do It

There’s been much debate recently around brand Facebook pages, with many critics arguing that they don’t make sense and some brands ignoring critics’ warnings and forging ahead. Launching a brand Facebook page shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially in pharma. Strategic considerations and critical research are needed to determine whether a Facebook page can be an effective way for your brand to build and engage a community. Consider these questions to help you determine if a Facebook page may be right for your pharma brand: Do you have an audience? Determining that your brand’s target audiences are on Facebook and willing to or already engaging with consumer-facing content is the most important factor in determining whether a Facebook page makes sense for your brand. Inserting your brand into a naturally engaging space for your community is key. This research and analysis can be done in advance through social listening. Do you have something to say…that’s engaging and distinctive? Consider the brand, disease state and online community to figure out what type of content you’ll share on your page. If your content only consists of brand messaging, it most likely won’t be seen. Is your target audience interested in raising awareness, motivationalContinue Reading