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September 15, 2014


Categories: Measurement, PR Research

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Who’s Afraid of Measurement?

It happens every year, especially around this time: at some point, our clients will ask for some kind of metrics to demonstrate the value of their work – and by extension, ours. Even when we’ve built measurement into our planning, the team may feel they’re being put on the defensive, particularly when program elements change over the course of the year, or when the client’s goals and objectives shift. It may seem like measurement is a kind of report card that has to be handed in, and we worry about getting “graded” on something we’re not entirely in control of. It’s understandable! Meaningful measurement isn’t easy, and there is no single approach that suits all projects. But, there is an increasing expectation that PR provide tangible data to support the effectiveness of its tactics. Here are some common points of resistance and some tips to make measurement a little less painful: “I’m just not a numbers person.” While it is true that measurement is inherently quantitative, it’s not really about the numbers. Measurement today requires outputs with direct linkages to the organization’s objectives. The challenge is that those objectives are rarely static, as the client’s needs often change over time,Continue Reading