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September 25, 2014


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Creative Soup for the Soul

If you’ve ever attended Creative Mornings NYC, a breakfast lecture series that caters to the creative community, then you know of its magnetic appeal (and free admission!) that keeps attendees and volunteers yearning for more month after month. In early September I attended my first Creative Mornings session with guest speaker Adam Alter, author of New York Times best seller Drunk Tank Pink and associate professor of psychology at New York University. Alter discussed color associations and how their subtle cues in our environment shape human behavior and decision making subconsciously. All of his talk of how pink jail cells calm inmates and a study that suggests wearing a red shirt could get ladies free drinks on Saturday night (yes, he said that) had me thinking – what other external inspirations can we explore to influence how we think, feel and behave? Simply by attending Creative Mornings in September I allowed myself to exit my comfort zone and engage in something new. [One of my favorite things: guests wore name tags asking the question, “If you wrote a book, what would it be about?” (Mine was advice)] Let’s take a look at some other ways we can go beyond theContinue Reading