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January 31, 2017


Categories: Communications, Healthcare, Measurement, PR Research


Survey Says: Surveys are Worth It

Surveys have been a longstanding staple tactic for healthcare communications professionals, valued for laying the foundation for rich content and insights that can help generate media storylines. They can also be a large research investment, and within a content cluttered environment, we need to ask ourselves when is a survey still worthwhile and what can be done to help the results stand out in the crowded communications arena? How to decide if a survey is the right fit Before launching into a large-scale survey, there are key questions that need to be asked: Is there an existing knowledge gap in the therapeutic area? Could a survey help shed unique insights to help address this gap? Are there ways a survey can produce interesting findings that are new or different from existing research available in the public domain? These are just preliminary questions but if the answers to the above are yes, the survey could be the right approach to take. How to get the most out of a survey As communicators, it’s important that we craft a survey that can lead to findings that are interesting, credible, and different. How can we do that? Here are a few tips (someContinue Reading