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March 18, 2016


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Talk Like Ted – Public Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds

At Allidura, training and professional development is critical – we are always looking for ways to hone our craft as a team. Recently, we started a “team library,” collecting, reading, learning and sharing the old fashioned way – not via apps, tablets or e-readers, but actual books… remember those?! To kick off 2016, I’ve selected a Wall Street Journal bestseller, Carmine Gallo’s Talk like Ted, where best practices from hundreds of successful TED Talks are shared and analyzed. As PR professionals, we are often called upon to speak up in group settings – big or small – in front of our colleagues, peers and clients. Public speaking is an ability that is put to the test nearly every day and yet, there’s little industry-wide emphasis on the need to continuously hone and refine this skill. I won’t go through all of the ‘secrets’ mentioned in the book, but below are some of my key takeaways that could benefit my fellow PR pros: Passion & Pathos A good speech, one that captures your audience’s interest and successfully persuades them of your point, requires passion and pathos. Passion is a strong, contagious emotion that helps translate your story to the audience inContinue Reading