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Kristen Spensieri

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June 4, 2014


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Communicating in the New Pharma World

It’s a time of dramatic transformation for the biopharma sector. Asset trading deals, mergers and acquisitions, and new stakeholders who’ve emerged from health reform are creating entirely new communications opportunities. While immediate considerations include corporate reputation, franchise impact and change management, one fundamental question sits on top of it all: what does it mean from a corporate branding perspective? When PRWeek asked Chandler Chicco Companies if the industry’s major players should fit in a “house of brands” or a “branded house,” we responded that a “hybrid model” is most likely to emerge as companies establish their evolved positions. With all the change in the industry, external stakeholders will be looking to organizations that have a great corporate road map and a brand promotion plan existing side by side. They’ll be looking to those organizations that create value and change patients’ lives. And, corporate communications will need to simultaneously support the development of these compelling brands while deploying well thought-out change management programs. As employees live in a constant state of transition where realignments are the “new normal,” over-communications about the rationale for change and the future roadmap will be essential elements of any corporate program.

July 2, 2013


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The Freedom to See. The Power to Do.®

In honor of Chandler Chicco’s 18th anniversary, we’ll be posting thoughts and reflections from long-time CCC veterans. This week’s post is from Kristen Spensieri, an early client of CCC who now runs our corporate branding and reputation practice. The Freedom to See. The Power to Do.® That was the story I’d been sold when I first walked into Chandler Chicco Agency 15 years ago. On my way to the 450 building, walking up 15th street, (at the time, still true to its Meatpacking District locale), I remember thinking: “Where am I?” It would soon all become very clear. After I left the meeting, I called my friends and said: “Great firm, great people, sketchy neighborhood.” (Little did I know the international sensation the Meatpacking District was destined to be!) While the neighborhood has changed, the culture, focus on exceptional client work, and the mantra to have no limits has not. I’d actually been a client prior to joining Chandler Chicco. While I experienced the passion and enthusiasm of my account team, I was still unclear on what made the whole thing tick. Once I was inside – I got it. The Freedom to See. The Power to Do.® It alwaysContinue Reading