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October 4, 2016


Categories: Health and Wellness, Patient Communications

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7 Ways Viagra Changed How Drugs Are Marketed

When Pfizer launched Viagra, in 1998, it did so with eyes wide open about the immediate impact the drug would have — on patients, of course, but also on physicians, the health media, and purveyors of late-night chuckles. What the company may not have anticipated was the longer-term influence that Viagra’s wild success would wield on pharma marketing as a discipline. Marketers who worked on the drug over the years, however, were not blind to the phenomenon that was brewing. “Right from the outset, it felt as if we were working on a big brand,” recalls Michael Sanzen, then VP, group copy supervisor at Cline Davis & Mann, who worked with VP, group account supervisor Ken Begasse on a broad range of HCP- and patient-communication tasks during Viagra’s infancy (the two would cofound Concentric Health Experience in 2002, where they continue to work today). “It was one of the first times in the pharma space where we were really ideating on what a brand needed to be based on the customer perspective, not solely on the product perspective,” Sanzen says. Read more about the industry’s milestone moments in MM&M‘s 50th Anniversary issue. McCann HumanCare SVP, group creative director Doug Welch, whoContinue Reading