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November 14, 2016


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#GirlPower: Highlights from the 2016 HBA Annual Meeting

Earlier this month I had the privilege of attending the 2016 Healthcare Business Women’s Association (HBA) annual conference in St. Louis Missouri along with several other amazing and accomplished women from our inVentiv family.  This was my first time at the meeting so was unclear what to expect. I discovered that the HBA network is both far-reaching and diverse and that the organization does much more than I realized to provide education and peer support to women working in healthcare. I was also excited to learn of their efforts to ensure gender equality in the industry to help empower women to break through the glass ceiling and ensure more adequate leadership representation. This year’s meeting was attended by more than 800 women who came from all over the country eager to network and learn more about how to amplify the collective voice of women working in the healthcare industry. It was inspiring to hear stories from women across all different fields (e.g., clinical, HR, marketing, etc.) and the impact they have had not only on the industry but within their respective organizations to nurture and cultivate the next generation of healthcare leaders and innovators. HBA has been a long-time andContinue Reading

July 1, 2015


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Adapt or Die: What it Takes to Survive in Pharma

Charles Darwin once said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one more responsive to change.” This observation is brilliant in its simplicity. It speaks to the underlying primal need we have as humans to adapt to our ever-changing environment. As communications professionals, we’ve been trained to live by the guiding principle that change is the norm and not the exception and that planning for change is the only way to survive. We’ve been taught to encourage our clients to embrace change as an essential part of doing business. What Darwin didn’t anticipate is that as a species, the pharmaceutical industry is not so quick to embrace change. Doing things the way they’ve always been done is more comfortable and safe when you’re working in a highly regulated industry like pharma. Decision making has become so complex with multiple factors to consider. Regulatory constraints, corporate integrity agreements, staffing shortages, internal politics, budgets…and the list goes on. It’s much easier to stick with tried and true PR programs and tactics that have widespread organizational support and are deemed “safe.” Tried and true programs/tactics have their role in communications, but (and this isContinue Reading

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