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Lucy Horrell

Lucy focuses on introducing and bringing to life digital campaigns for clients in a number of areas within healthcare communications including clinical trials, market access and PR. She believes in developing campaigns that enhance patient or healthcare professional understanding and education to allow them to make informed treatment choices. In the digital arena, Lucy has worked on campaigns that include digital advertising, online toolkits, YouTube video production, augmented-reality conference presentations and more. She is passionate about producing exciting, meaningful campaigns and is constantly studying digital communications to keep ahead of what’s next.

Recent Posts by Lucy Horrell

January 4, 2012


Categories: Digital and Social Media

The Latest Movers in Digital

Like a bullet train with no breaks, digital and social media shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, innovation seems to be speeding up. In the last six months alone we have seen facebook reach more than 700 million users, Apple release the iPad2, Kindle books overtake hardback books on Amazon and Google heat up the social media space by launching Google+. But it is not only the big companies making a stir; the start up community has been producing some fantastic innovative products. Here are some of my latest favourites: Hello Health – designed to revolutionise patient doctor communication. Registered doctors can see their patients online via skype, let them schedule their appointments and renew their prescriptions online and access all of their patient’s health records with them using a secure HIPAA certified connection. The doctor will now virtually see you… Aurasma – augmented reality finally brought to the masses in an easy and relatively cheap way. Download the app, point your iPhone at a pre-tagged object (a business card, logo or even a building) and a video or image will play, interlacing reality with 3D graphics. You can tag almost anything with your own videos orContinue Reading

November 15, 2011


Categories: Digital and Social Media

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Rethinking Online Advertising with Facebook

This year facebook will take close to $4 billion dollars in revenue from advertising. With many condemning online advertising as annoying, overlooked and offering a poor return on investment, why does facebook appear to be flourishing with so many brands getting involved? Third-quarters of a billion If one in every ten people on the earth were hanging out in one place, wouldn’t you want messages about your product, disease area or service to be there as well? No matter which patient or healthcare professional demographic you are trying to reach, you can be sure that there will be facebook users matching your description. Pick your audience Facebook captures a large amount of information from their users, including their age, location and interests. All of these characteristics can then be used by brands to carefully select the population you want to show your adverts to. For example, you could select only 50-60 year old males that live within 50 miles of Paris and that have liked pages dealing with diabetes to see your adverts. Or you may wish to target doctors in London for a medical meeting you are holding. In theory this makes it a win-win for advertisers and facebookContinue Reading