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Girls Rule – The Role of Socially Savvy Women in Today’s Economy

It’s evident we are moving towards a world that is getting increasingly social by the second. Trendsetters like Marc Jacobs are creating “pop-up” shops where people can “spend” 140 characters in exchange for real goods and services. Smartphones are becoming more valuable than our wallets, with the ability to brew coffee, lock doors, open cars AND make phone calls. This brave new world? It’s being embraced by women in full force. It should be no surprise to learn that women currently control half of the wealth in the United States, accounting for $5 trillion in consumer spending annually. Of these women, 94 percent are online, researching products before purchasing them. It’s safe to say women are social, savvy, searching, and spending! Marketers are taking notice, using precision marketing and increasing digital dollars to reach their target consumer at the right place and the right time, with the right message. But, this is only one part of the marketing mix – public relations still plays a critical role in helping shape consumer impressions of brands each and every day. This is only set to intensify as buying through social channels and mobile devices becomes second nature. So, what do communicators needContinue Reading