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October 26, 2015


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Weave Your Measurement Program Together Gracefully and Determinately

A PR measurement program shouldn’t be something that causes a lot of angst. By moving the measurement process along steadily and thoughtfully, you should — in time — achieve results that show how your daily work is contributing to business goals. The bedrock of any PR measurement program is typically a combination of outcomes, outtakes and outputs, which interlock and support overall business goals. Outcomes: What are quantifiable changes in behavior that occurred as a result of a PR program? (Products purchased as a result of program, attitudes changes as result of campaign) Outtakes: What is the audience awareness, behavior or engagement? (Social shares, white paper downloads, attitudinal survey results) Outputs: What are the products produced by the PR program? (Press release, media stories, Facebook posts) Creating a measurement program encompasses both elegance and grit in process, and these following tips should produce excitement for you in just a few months. Do think of PR measurement as an ongoing activity: Measurement is an ongoing learning process. Most programs are adjusted dozens of times until the right interlocking combo of measurement metrics is achieved. Document what you can and buff it up later. Strive for perfection, but don’t expect it theContinue Reading

September 18, 2014


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Teaching New Dogs Old Tricks: Timeless Principles Meet New Technology

Shaquille O’Neal uses a FitBit. Carrie Underwood splurged on one too. And Gwyneth Paltrow revealed that she’s a Jawbone fan. All of these popular digital wrist devices for fitness are relatively new and now command $330 million in sales a year, which is about the net worth of newlyweds Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Now, with Apple’s introduction of the health app on the new Apple Watch, the functionality of first-generation wearable fitness devices is quickly being absorbed into a multi-functional, sleek personal adornment. Despite the Hollywood glam, don’t be fooled into thinking these accessories alone will elevate your fitness game. That’s because the technology doesn’t deliver meaningful results if it’s not used in tandem with strategic guidelines. [Come on, it’s Measurement Week…not celebrity fitness week!] In the PR industry, the Barcelona Principles of measurement from the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication were designed specifically for communication professionals to better align PR practices with business strategy. But if the thought of measurement makes your eyes glaze over, it might be easier to relate some of these principles back to those shiny gadgets. For instance: Goal Setting – The most important part of PR measurement is ensuring thatContinue Reading