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February 26, 2016


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Five Hacks for Managing a Millennial

Millennials get a bad rep for being lazy, entitled and difficult in the workplace. Unfortunately, this can reflect poorly come review time, not to mention be frustrating for managers. That said, some admit Millennials are the most collaborative and inclusive generation of all. So how do we bring the best qualities of this coveted generation into the workplace? Here are five hacks every manager should try with Millennials. Take Baby Steps. Look for ways to help Millennials practice leadership skills, no matter how small. Start early so they are ready to step up to the plate sooner. Provide clear direction and feedback. Let them own their role and don’t forget to lay a clear path during goal-setting meetings, which, by the way, should happen more than once a year. Break the “Helicopter” Culture. While helicopter parenting might work at home, there’s no room for it in a professional setting. Millennials are arguably the most protected and praised generation of all. When setting professional development goals, make sure they are SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time sensitive. Don’t be afraid to tie these goals to business objectives. It will help the Millennial feel they are part of a shared,Continue Reading

Healthy is the New Happy: 5 Tips to Help Millennial Adults Worry Less and Take Charge of Their Health

As with generations before them, millennials have their own signature markers – technically savvy, ambitious, diverse and progressive. But unfortunately for them, they are also defined by stress and anxiety. According to an online survey* by Allidura Consumer and GSW, part of inVentiv Health, and Harris Poll, the millennial adult – aged 18 to 32 – is considered a worried well. That is, although virtually all say being “happy” and “healthy” is important to them (97% and 95%, respectively), fewer than half report they are (48% and 42%, respectively). It’s hard to ignore the possible connection between the two. With the throes of the holidays and cold and flu season upon us, the worried well’s stress and anxiety can be exacerbated even further. Here are five tips to help my fellow millennials better navigate their own personal health journeys. *The online survey was conducted from May to June 2014 among over 3,500 millennial teens, millennial adults, gen Xers and baby boomers.   Turn Off the Smartphone; Stop Self-Diagnosing Don’t let the stress-and-search cycle take you for a spin.      44% of millennial adults say viewing health information online causes them to worry aboutContinue Reading