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Ritesh Patel

A self-proclaimed “Digital Evangelist,” Ritesh leads the Digital and Social Media practice at Chandler Chicco Companies (CCC). Since joining CCC in 2009, Ritesh has brought to fruition some of the most innovative digital and social media initiatives in healthcare communications. His experience has helped shape the CCC digital offering, leveraging leading-edge digital thinking and seamless technical implementation to enhance the company’s holistic approach to healthcare communications. Ritesh brings more than X years in digital and social media, working with major companies and brands in healthcare and other sectors at agencies and corporations.

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April 24, 2012


Categories: Digital and Social Media, Global Healthcare

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The Digital World is Changing Fast – Can You Keep Up?

I’ve been doing this digital thing for some time now. I’ve been part of and witnessed many changes in our world, some good and some bad. However, I have never seen such a swift pace of change and digital adoption of late. Maybe it’s because there is so much available to us now but it’s stunning how quickly things spread and how fast things scale and get adopted. Look at the gathering known as South by South West, or SXSW this year. A record number of people attended with the largest turnout of startups hawking their wares and new apps for the unsuspecting public to consume. SXSW has now become the place for the next new startup to make it. Last year was all about location based services, with Foursquare being the favorite, this year was the year of Ambient Social with companies like Highlife, and Glancee creating a buzz. But there were hundreds more, with endless abilities and capabilities. As a long time Apple zealot, I am pleased to see what the company is doing, but I never imagined that people would be lining up to buy that new iPhone or iPad, overnight in some cases. The speed ofContinue Reading

July 22, 2011


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FDA Proposes Health Apps Guidelines

Attempting to keep up with the fast moving convergence of medicine and technology, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration yesterday announced draft guidelines for how the agency proposes oversight of certain mobile medical applications (apps) that are designed for use on smart phones and other mobile computing devices.