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Rose Anna Kaczmarcik, MPH

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July 13, 2016


Categories: Advocacy, Creativity


Millennials Give a D*mn: MCON Highlights

Last month, MCON was held in Washington, DC. It was a gathering of leaders, activists and social entrepreneurs acting and finding creative solutions to social issues. The conference spanned topics from entrepreneurship to exploration, from social justice to creativity, and brought together thought leaders from the for-profit, non-profit and public sectors (e.g., Clif Bar, Thinx, Case Foundation, The United States Digital Service). The room was full of millennials from a range of backgrounds and pursuing various passions. Needless to say, the discussion was robust and invigorating. In case you missed the conference, here are my top three favorite takeaways: Storytelling will save the world (literally). Good, authentic storytelling, that is. Presenter after presenter – film documentarians (add Salaam Neighbor to your Netflix cue now!), political activists and more – reaffirmed what we at Allidura already know. A good story, one that is true to your brand essence and shows impact – can and will resonate with your audience. And extra points if you tie in cultural trends – check out how The Truth Campaign leveraged fear of #CATmageddon to keep teens from smoking. But, a good story is only as good as its call to action. While it’s great toContinue Reading

March 9, 2015


Categories: Consumer Education, Food and Beverage

What the facts say about Millennials and nutrition

Linking the words “healthy, wealthy and wise” goes back at least as far as John Clarke’s 1639 collection of English and Latin proverbs. But few members of today’s self-aware Millennial generation would submit to the proverb’s rhyming formula, “early to bed and early to rise.” In fact, Millennials in general are loath to follow any formulas. Their approach to health, wealth and wisdom? Being mindful, treating other people well and eating the right foods. I put an emphasis on “mindful” because the term may prove to be one of the most potent approaches to PR and marketing of our time. For Millennials, mindfulness evokes meditation and yoga-inspired “mind-body” techniques that might just help them in their quest to achieve both health and happiness. Click here to read the full article on millennials and nutrition in O’Dwyer’s March 2015 Food and Beverage Issue.