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The Impact of Augmented Intelligence on Healthcare Communications

There are many different types of smart machines. Most people are more familiar with the term “artificial intelligence,” or building human-like intelligence in autonomous technology. However, “augmented intelligence,” which is information technology that augments human intelligence, is progressing rapidly and is more likely to transform healthcare in the near future. One example is IBM Watson Health, which uses cognitive computing to “illuminate aspects of our world that were previously invisible patterns and insight in unstructured data, in particular—allowing us to make more informed decisions about more consequential matters.” IBM Watson Health has multiple potential applications in healthcare, such as collecting and synthesizing data to help speed the clinical trial process or to help researchers make decisions related to next year’s flu vaccine. The potential for IBM Watson Health and other augmented intelligence in assisting with the diagnosis and management of medical conditions has immediate implications for the future of healthcare communications. One approach with both branded and unbranded communications has been to help patients and physicians identify signs and symptoms and accurately diagnose various health conditions. Imagine a scenario where a physician could access all of the information about a patient, including their medical history and data from wearable orContinue Reading

December 7, 2015


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UberHEALTH: A Driving Force Behind the Flu Vaccination

The other week, there was a great deal of buzz in the health care industry surrounding “Outsmart the Flu with UberHEALTH.”