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Stephanie Mui

Stephanie Mui is a communications professional with more than six years of experience in the private sector and at public relations agencies. At Chandler Chicco Agency, Stephanie manages and supports day-to-day account work on behalf of several healthcare clients. She is also a member of Determinus, the measurement and research division of Chandler Chicco Companies (CCC). In this role, Stephanie provides research and measurement expertise to the CCC network. Stephanie is based in the Washington, DC office.

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September 12, 2014


Categories: Measurement, PR Research

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Resolutions for Measurement’s New Year!

With summer vacations behind us, we’re already itching for the next holiday. AMEC Measurement Week 2014 seemed like as good an excuse as any other to celebrate, so we’re thinking of it as Measurement’s New Year. As we think about what we will be doing to advance our messages and points of view through communications, make sure measurement isn’t left out of the fun. Here are a few tips for measuring what matters in the year ahead. Three Measurement Resolutions to Make Today: 1. Establish PR metrics before a program launches. This is like the resolution we make every year to be more physically active or to become a “morning person.” We know it’s good for us, yet often we end up falling short of our goal despite the most earnest of intentions. So this year, I challenge you to think strategically about your communications plan, and then link tangible metrics to each of your tactics. Next, I challenge you to set up a tracker or document with placeholders for your communications metrics over time. Lastly, take the plunge and fill in your metrics on an ongoing basis. At first, it may feel strange, and you might not like itContinue Reading

Stakeholder Mapping: A Research-Driven Roadmap for Prioritizing Third-Party Outreach

A public relations program can take many forms: it may include direct engagement with consumers at events designed to raise awareness of a product or cause; it might put media relations to use as a way to reach influential trade audiences; it may even include the cultivation of relationships with stakeholder organizations and key opinion leaders. As public relations professionals we are charged with building awareness, informing and educating the public and driving a call-to-action (e.g., buying a specific product, talking to the doctor about certain symptoms). Leveraging the influence of credible third parties is a tried-and-true way to achieve that goal. Regardless of the specific communications mix for achieving PR goals, all aspects of public relations can benefit from a strategic research-based underpinning, from demographic information to help with audience segmentation to a media audit to inform the development of a relevant pitch. When it comes to building stakeholder relations, research is especially important to help prioritize who to engage based on their influence, credibility and partnership potential. Where to start? Third-party influencers are abundant in any industry – nonprofits, subject matter experts, government, etc. When each of these stakeholders has their own agenda, priorities and track records, howContinue Reading