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November 17, 2016


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How to Turn Storytelling from a Frog into a Prince

How can healthcare specialists improve their skills as storytellers? One way to do it, according to engagement leader, Meghan O’Brien, at a New York consulting boutique called etch, is to take a page from Pixar, creator of Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Inside Out. Each Pixar animated film begins with a character in a time and place.  And each day, the character does pretty much the same thing—it doesn’t matter what. Then one day, something unusual happens, then something else, and away we go! Meghan was a panelist on Wed night (Nov. 9) at a Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association event titled “Secrets of Storytelling: How to Create Meaningful Connections with your Audience.” The Pixar formula obviously works. The studio has produced many of the world’s top-grossing animated films and racked up more than a dozen academy awards. But as fellow panelist and inVentiv PR President Jeanine O’Kane pointed out, this isn’t the only strategy for effective storytelling.  If you really want to turn your story from a frog into a prince, you probably need to break the mold and think about unexpected elements, such as the story behind the story. What’s more, good communicators are always be on the lookout for whatContinue Reading

May 6, 2015


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Startups to Pharma Marketers: It’s Time to Think ‘Beyond the Pill’

Healthcare tech startups need ways to connect with pharma marketers to explore fruitful partnerships; in turn, in today’s competitive marketplace, pharma is constantly seeking for opportunities to exploit the latest tech advances to differentiate their offering. The inaugural MM&M Transforming Healthcare Conference provided the perfect backdrop for such a heated debate.  During the session, “Intelligent Connections: Bridging the Chasm between Healthcare Startups and Pharma Marketers,” four healthcare startups went head-to-head, battling for bragging rights, as well as an opportunity to be considered for future collaboration from pharma. In a presentation reminiscent of an episode of Shark Tank, CEOs from startups Kuveda, HelpAround, Fit4D and Cellanyx took to the stage for a few moments each to quickly present their unique business models.  The accelerated pace of presentations forced these savvy and seasoned startup CEOs to provide a succinct value proposition – each in under 3 minutes!  Then, “shark” marketers from Roche, Astellas, Medivation and Medtronic Diabetes took turns grilling these entrepreneurs and innovators. According to Kuveda’s CEO, 75%of cancer drugs get little to no response.  Kuveda’s solution?  Offer evidence-based, personalized therapeutic cancer treatment options to millions, not just afew.  At the price of approximately $1,000, a comprehensive, patient-specific treatment options reportContinue Reading