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September 14, 2015


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6 Tips for Using Measurement in Your Next PR Campaign

Over the years of working in the pharmaceutical space in marketing, market research, and now PR, I have come to realize that the ‘M word’ (Measurement) does not inspire enthusiasm among the marketing, sales and PR community. There is always that feeling of dread while preparing your end of campaign report. Having worked on the client side of the business, I understand the need to defend your baby (that brilliant PR/marketing campaign you created). However, as a former boss at a major pharma company liked to say,“If you can’t measure it then it probably didn’t happen.” Measuring impact can be tricky sometimes, but with new technology and cool tools there is much that we can do – so always be sure to measure something!   Here are a few handy tips I’ve learned over the years:   Get it right from the start Pan measurement at the start of your campaign, not at the end! Define SMART objectives (S-specific, M-Measurable, A- Achievable, R-Realistic and T-time bound) Communicate these objectives at the start of each campaign to your internal team, client and superiors, Build a measurement framework Work with your research team to identify sources of metrics and build campaign trackersContinue Reading