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Millennial Physicians: Collaboration and Patient Engagement Are Key

Millennial Physicians: Collaboration and Patient Engagement Are Key

June 30, 2016 0 Comments

I’ve heard a lot about millennial patients and employees but haven’t heard anything about millennial doctors. Do they have specific values and attitudes that they bring to their practice and how does this affect patient care?

According to the latest report by GSW, inVentiv Health PR Group and PALIO based on a survey of 200 U.S. physicians, millennial doctors (those 26-36 years old) are more likely to encourage their patients to be better prepared for their appointments by conducting their own research but are not easily influenced by specific patient requests.

Given that the millennial physicians are asking for more patient engagement, we as healthcare communications specialists should consider developing creative programming to generate patient empowerment in a responsible way.

At the very least, we should distill complex medical information and make it available to patients through partnerships with credible digital channels (e.g., WebMD) so that when they are asked by Gen Y physicians to do research on their own they are able to locate it and understand it.

Additionally, we should offer to fact-check brand-related and brand-supportive information that exists on credible third party sites with high reach. Where it makes sense, we need to propose asking for corrections in order to protect and further the brand.

Lastly, we need to offer unbranded patient-centric disease state information and discussion guides to patients and caregivers in easily digestible ways using digital platforms so that they can be enabled to have important discussions with their physicians about their care.

All of this will help facilitate ongoing partnership between pharma, HCPs and patients in a way that’s mutually beneficial to all three parties.

This post originally appeared on the Biosector 2 blog, B2View.

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