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Content is King, <del> Again </del> Always

Content is King, Again Always

September 18, 2012 0 Comments

Back in 1996, the technology industry was buzzing about content. It made sense at the time; the industry was still working to make the case that the nascent World Wide Web would be a relevant, permanent part of our lives. The tech prophets correctly predicted that powerful, compelling content would get consumers online.

But then what? The next hurdle for businesses and the tech sector was to harness consumer eyeballs to turn a profit. Industry pros started to focus more on technology platforms and cool new tools, including those that could measure tangible data. The medium – for a while – overshadowed the message.

Just like the internet, we’re all a little older and wiser now and we’ve remembered the importance of high-quality content and the power of storytelling. We’re hearing it loud and clear from our clients, as well as in a slew of recent books such as Jonah Sachs’ Winning the Story Wars and Peter Gruber’s Tell to Win. Companies need high-quality, consistent, timely and meaningful content to engage and retain users. Content development – the ability to tell stories in ways that matter – is the difference between success and failure in educating, motivating and persuading audiences of every kind.

At Chandler Chicco Companies, we know that connectivity isn’t a substitute for connection. People now choose what to see and hear from a vast array of technologies and platforms. Every word must entice, engage and retain your audience, wherever and however you’re reaching them.

That’s why we’ve launched CCC’s new Multiplatform Content Group, a team of award-winning, highly experienced writers offering clients tailored content that is fresh, authentic and makes best use of expanding channels for engagement. We are strategic storytellers with enough arrows in our collective quiver to hit the mark for any content need – from op-ed articles to infographics to podcasts, blogs and more.

Among our recent projects: an internal blog to inspire a sales force, website content to launch a new company and new products, opinion editorials to reach policymakers in Washington, commentaries in Huffington Post to reach consumers and health advocates, a five-part YouTube series, a monthly corporate comic strip, letters to the editor in a high-profile public health campaign, a feature story published in a magazine on behalf of a CEO, and a magazine that has become the second largest circulating publication within a large disease community. And this is just a small corner of our work.

To learn more about how the Multiplatform Content Group can help you, contact Sydney Rubin via email or call her at 202-256-7229. She’s standing by, pen (remember pens?) in hand.

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