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A Celebration of What CAN Be

A Celebration of What CAN Be

October 12, 2011 1 Comment

Last night, the Chandler Chicco Companies family of agencies took home several awards from Medical Marketing & Media (MM&M). Best Use of PR Gold went to Biosector 2 and our client, Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) Pharmaceuticals for the DRIVE4COPD campaign. Silver, in the same category, went to Chandler Chicco Agency and sanofi for AF Stat. Biosector 2 and BI also won Gold for the Best Use of Social Media for DRIVE4COPD, while Chamberlain Healthcare Public Relations grabbed the Silver for HealthSeeker, also with BI.

In the synopsis for the DRIVE4COPD Best Use of Social Media Gold Award, MM&M stated, “BI proved you can do great pharma social media with this highly integrated effort to raise awareness of COPD.” That simple statement raises a couple of points to highlight.

First, it is nice to celebrate what can be done in social media for pharma for a change. Yes, we all work in a very nebulous yet regulated environment. Much of our effort and brainpower is spent trying to navigate the minefields of what we cannot do. But we proved with BI that good social media can be done in pharma. It isn’t easy. It isn’t perfect. It always leaves you wanting more. But progress is possible.

Second, the “integrated effort” cannot be underestimated or overstated. “Integrated” doesn’t just mean that the tactics tie together. The entire agency has to be tied together to make social work. Media teams need to help digital folks connect with TV, print, and social teams for other media. Every event can live in the “now” with social media, but that means planning for easy to approve photos, quotes, etc. Social media in real time really means intense planning ahead of time so legal teams are comfortable with the potential outcomes and escalation plans. “Integrated” to the outside world means the various teams within the agency and our clients must be integrated digitally as never before. This alone is no small feat – one that is worthy of celebration.

Yes, I am proud of our agencies, our digital team, and our clients for partnering with us to explore new territory. But the wins aren’t just ours. They are for everyone in the healthcare industry pushing forward, integrating and trying new things.

Congratulations, everyone in the industry. I’m proud of you.

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One comment

7 years ago

nice piece jos. was a great night, and as you say, not just for us but for the industry too!

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