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A View on Digital and Social Media in Health Care

A View on Digital and Social Media in Health Care

January 14, 2016 0 Comments

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Beyond 140: 10,000 Character Limit on Twitter Expected to Launch in Q1

According to sources inside Twitter, the company is building a new feature that will allow tweets longer than the platform’s hallmark 140 characters. While there is no official launch date, it is expected before the end of Q1 and could allow tweets up to 10,000 characters long (the current limit for Twitter’s Direct Message feature). The details of the new feature are reportedly still in flux including the exact number of characters, whether there will be a “read more”-type button to expand to read beyond the initial 140 characters, and any restrictions on number of users that can be mentioned in a single tweet. This move is one of several reported changes CEO Jack Dorsey is considering to jumpstart user growth.

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“The 140-character limit is part of what makes Twitter so compelling to those who use it regularly. It forces us to get to the point and is part of the reason the platform has become the default channel for breaking news and a favorite among journalists. While the Twitter user in me thinks increasing the character limit is a mistake, the pharma communicator in me sees an opening for meaningful branded communications. 10,000 characters (or whatever the number ends up becoming) would certainly be enough space for pharma to include safety information when tweeting a brand name plus its indication. The question remains what impact this change may have on engagement. Will users accustomed to scrolling quickly through a timeline of 140-character posts really stop to read 10,000?”– Josh Baldwin


2016 Digital Trends

Health care and pharmaceutical PR professionals are predicting that digital innovation with patients in mind will shape the industry this year. They believe pharmaceutical companies will rely more heavily on a social media presence and have greater transparency and personality in their communications. Forming patient relationships to gain insights, leveraging data and tailoring apps and health care technology to individual needs will be critical for successful brands. Digital health will continue to grow and become routine, which will allow patients to be more educated and engaged in health-related decisions and conversations.

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“It will be interesting to see how pharma companies engage in social media this year, especially with external influences like drug pricing debates and Presidential campaigns. How transparent will they be? What personalities will they embrace via social channels? As our clients’ trusted agency, it’s our responsibility to ensure data is leveraged appropriately to drive content strategies that bring to life a brand’s personality through relevant, visually appealing content that resonates among appropriate audiences.”– Christina Hanlon


Facebook is Building Greater User Customization with Interest-Based News Feeds

Facebook is testing customizable, topical feeds with a small set of users, via their mobile app. The new feature will let users choose between a general News Feed as well as a feed focused on specific topics such as travel, sports, style or recent news for example. It is important to note that the feature is still in testing and there is no official release date at this time.

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“If Facebook decides to implement this feature, users will be able to filter their News Feed, creating a more customized experience. This means that users interested in health care would be able to tailor their News Feed to display all of the most recent health care news and information, giving our clients the potential for greater visibility and engagement among a captive audience.”– Breana Oliver

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