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#digitalHx: Digital Digest

#digitalHx: Digital Digest

August 8, 2014 0 Comments

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The Internet: In 10 Years…

Written by Rich Sharp, @richs

The Internet as we know it will see a dramatic shift in the next 10 years to a deeper integration into our lives and the things surrounding and interacting with us, according to a July presentation to the World Future Society.

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The presentation, “The Internet’s Turbulent Next Decade,” given by Lee Rainie of the Pew Research Center Internet Project and Janna Anderson of Elon University – Imagining the Internet Center, takes the current “Internet of Things” approach and reveals how Internet integration with homes, control systems, health monitoring and more will change the way we live, interact and thrive by 2025.

To read the full presentation, click here.

Rich Sharp insight: Just as we were excited for the expansion of the Web in the late 1990s and the proliferation of social media less than a decade later, this glimpse into our Internet future shows great opportunity for the human race to come together in a way never before imagined. Though it is not without challenges, this thinking is nearly as revolutionary as the advent of widespread access to electricity – and nearly as transparent.

Pandas, Penguins, Hummingbirds, oh my! Google’s SEO Jungle

Written by Catherine Murphy, @21CMurph

Among the many things that keep Google busy, the mega search engine site has been actively working on updating its current Penguin spam algorithm and Panda filter. While these cuddly animals may seem irrelevant to you, they actually have very real implications for the overall SEP of your website. In simple terms, Google webmasters are working to make it clear that engaging, authoritative and trustworthy content is king, and websites can no longer rely on the old school strategy of gaming the system.

Read the full article here.

Catherine Murphy insight: Gone are the days of bookmarking and back-linking. Google is making two things crystal clear: first, companies need to focus on being engaging storytellers; second, investing in social is of the utmost importance as it becomes the leading driver in SEO rankings.

Will Google and Apple be Players in the Pharma Space?

Written by Chris Iafolla, @ChrisIafolla

“Google has announced that it is entering the health sector in a major, groundbreaking way. In fact, the Mountain View, Calif.-based company has already begun collecting anonymous genetic information from 175 volunteers – and eventually thousands more – in an effort to create a model that represents what a perfectly healthy human being should look like, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Once the genetic data is collected, Google will use its immense computational power to analyze the information, identifying patterns (known as “biomarkers”) that will hopefully allow researchers to identify common killers such as diabetes or cancer far earlier, leading to more effective, prevention based treatment strategies.” – From Entrepreneur

Read the full story here.

Chris Iafolla insight: Lines that define industries are becoming increasingly blurry. The massive computing power of some tech heavyweights will undoubtedly play a larger role in drug discovery in the future. The involvement of the likes of Google and Apple in the pharmaceutical industry has long been centered on the ace to develop apps and tracking devices. This article sends a signal: Google and Apple will be players in the pharmaceutical space. Smart companies will look for way to incorporate the intersection of technology and heath.

Budget Friendly Social Media Tools

Written by Ben Atkins, @BenAtkins

This article republished by Ragan Communications describes some great affordable tools (less than $20 a month) that can help you save time and take control of social media.

Read the full article from HealthCare Communication.

Ben Atkins insight: Social media budgets often start small, if you have a budget at all! This can make affordable tools extremely valuable to a social media manager. By using these tools together, you can create a pretty good work flow to create and publish content, and to analyze its impact.

Can Reddit Grow Up?

Written by Kyra Swartz, @oiseaurebelle

“Since its founding nine years ago, Reddit has stuck to its own weird guns. The site, where users find, share and talk about web links and photos, has been faithful to an antiquated design and still looks like an online message boards plucked from the 1990s – think Craigslist, but with more Lolcats. You don’t need to hand over any personal data, not even an email address, to sign up and post or view an item. Discussions are often peppered with vulgar schoolyard humor. And unlike many other Internet start-ups, Reddit has never fully embraced the dominant business model of selling advertising to support its free service.

But that is about to change.

The company is trying to jump-start its advertising business, as well as bolster some smaller moneymaking efforts. Its challenge is to figure out how to become a real business without changing the essential nature of the service and alienating its powerhouse constituency of 114 million intensely loyal monthly users. If it fails, those users could revolt and ultimately depart en masse, turning Reddit into an also-ran like Myspace – another social web giant that faded into obscurity.” – From The New York Times

Read the full report from The New York Times.

Kyra Swartz insight: Developing a business model that allows for profitability without alienating the existing user base has been a difficult proposition for many social media platforms. Those who use Reddit to converse are generally very passionate about the topics they speak about, including health and medical issues. If the site can successfully integrate paid advertising and/or sponsorships into its current interface, this may present a strong opportunity to reach influential individuals and thought leaders for many different disease states.

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