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Facebook Launches the SEND Button

Facebook Launches the SEND Button

May 25, 2011 0 Comments

Facebook recently launched its new SEND button, a feature that complements the LIKE button on any website.

The SEND button is similar in look and feel to the LIKE button and shows a pop-up that allows you to send an item along with a personalized message to friends groups or any email address, without leaving the page. The new button enables users to privately share specific information, whereas previously clicking the LIKE button would only allow users to share information in public on their profile and newsfeed.

Of note, a SEND also counts toward the total number of LIKES an item has on its product page. As you may have seen around the web, LIKES are beginning to appear next to many different individual products and services. With the implementation of this new SEND button, the LIKE total for any individual product or service is now calculated by adding the number of LIKES, SENDS, SHARES and COMMENTS containing the product or service URL.

Many websites have already started to implement the SEND button next to the LIKE button; a great example can be found here: Send Button Example.

The SEND button social plug-in, which will revolutionize how users share online content, can be incorporated into websites seamlessly and leveraged for campaigns to help generate targeted awareness. The new button provides a target audience an opportunity to privately share information about the more sensitive disease states we encounter, a much needed feature for campaigns. Additionally, we can incorporate Fair Balance into the shared message, ensuring this feature can be leveraged across branded campaigns with the required language attached.

Suggesting or recommending (SENDING) an item or article to specific people is important because:

  • 70% of Internet users reported “trusting” consumer opinions posted in social media and the SEND button increases the opportunities for users to interact with specific content that their friends and family recommend.
  • In instances of products, our clients can further take advantage of the web user trends, which show that consumers are 51% more likely to buy from a brand if they follow said brand on Facebook with the opportunity for increased LIKES.
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