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October 7, 2011 5 Comments

Much has been said about the life, the work, the passion, the general maverick nature of Steve Jobs. If you haven’t seen his Stanford Commencement speech, do so: If you haven’t relived the birth of the Mac during the Super Bowl commercial, view it: “

The world owes a thank you to Steve Jobs for many things, love him or hate him. But I want to thank him for something perhaps more subtle than the 250 million devices themselves. He and his companies have provided an invisible bar, an intangible metric; a measuring stick that none see but everyone knows is there. Quite simply, he taught the digital world to look at all their products and ask, “Does it simply work?”

That’s not to say that products should be simple. The world in which Apple has lived is indeed filled with complex, amazing products. But Steve’s creations work. Every time. Simply.

My Mom, who is technologically Amish, can use products starting with an “i”. That is no small feat. My two-year old watched me the first day of my iPhone and on day two was using it himself. He doesn’t touch my PC laptop even now at age five. The iPod didn’t just put music in a convenient package, it clandestinely enabled me to catalog a lifetime collection of music and carry it with me…with no user guide needed.

So all of us in the digital world have this metric: “Does it simply work?” I hope the digerati always look to that invisible bar, that intangible something and tip their hats to Steve while they do.

Yes, iSad. And also…iThankYou.

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7 years ago

greatest inventor of my lifetime. nice piece, jos. iSad and iThankYou too.

7 years ago

he will be missed, really revolutionized technology as we know it

7 years ago

I’d not seen the Stanford Commencement speech before. Thanks for recommending. Gizmodo made a tribute video that almost sounds like a satire… but ironically, everything is incredibly true:

7 years ago

PS. I tried making a customized bitly link for the video (below).  But after finding the first 10 combinations to be already taken, I gave up. I’m sure the customized bitly record has been broken. Haha. 

Helen T
7 years ago

I wonder (no pun intended) in what direction Apple will evolve without his vision and innovation.

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