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Pioneers in Digital Health – Morning Recap

Pioneers in Digital Health – Morning Recap

April 30, 2012 0 Comments

It’s been a thought-provoking day at our Pioneers in Digital Health forum. The day started off with an introduction by our President and CEO, Bob Chandler. After a few “housekeeping” notes from our Global Head of Digital, Ritesh Patel, session one started with engaging presentations about Digital Marketing. Below please see a quick recap of the morning’s presentations and check back later for highlights on the afternoon:

Pranav Yadav of Neuro Insight discussed neuro marketing in relation to brainwaves and behavior change. He shared that 80 to 90 percent of decision-making happens in our subconscious, which makes people try to “rationalize what is not rational.” This is important to remember while creating ads. To create a better performing ad, it doesn’t matter how the memory encoding is through the ad, it only matters in branding, call-to-action and key messages.

Steven Rotter of Brightcove talked about 2012 being the year of the video. He shared that by the end of 2012, the number of mobile connected devices will exceed the number of people on earth. Additionally, in 2011, video drove 51 percent of traffic on the web and this number will only continue to grow. To create a good video it is important to remember the customer life cycle – awareness, interest, trial, purchase and loyalty. Videos can tell a story to help meet and exceed this customer life cycle.

Rich Gascoyne from Engage Sciences presented about engaging your audience in today’s social world. He believes the healthcare industry has the highest capacity to identify users that can be the most engaged. Gascoyne shared his thoughts on the importance of integrating curated user commentary, reactions, reviews, photos, videos, etc. across multiple social media platforms.

Shawn Ullman and Quincy Jones III, Jr. from Feel Rich shared how they engage the urban demographic in health and wellness. As the first Urban Health Media Company, the goal of Feel Rich is to make health cool. They stressed the importance of being a part of a community before you can lead it and shared videos of work they are doing to make that connection.

We’ll be sharing full recaps from the presentations on our blog in the coming days, so please check back soon. Also, the presenter’s videos will be shared on shortly, along with behind the scenes Q&A. Stay tuned!

Image features Chandler Chicco Companies’ Global Head of Digital, Ritesh Patel, introducing the day.

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