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We Are Not Alone…

We Are Not Alone…

May 9, 2012 0 Comments

I admit it. I get discouraged in this industry. Legal hurdles, FDA regulations, and of course the FUD Factor (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) all conspire to occasionally bring me down.

Usually clients are the ones who get me going again. Our clients are nearly uniformly deeply, sincerely motivated to help improve patients’ lives. They work for pharmaceutical companies not because it is a good job or close to their homes, but because they want to help. But still…some days I wonder if we are in this alone.

Happily, I can report we are not.

Last week I had the distinct pleasure and honor of being part of CCC’s Pioneers in Digital Health Forum in New York City. I was lucky enough to get a few moments following each presentation to privately interview the speakers and pose questions from the audience and those following along via Twitter. To be certain, their answers were insightful and fascinating, and I would like to thank each speaker for taking a few moments after their time on stage. But it wasn’t their answers that motivated me the most.

Their passion, quite simply, was infectious. The applications to healthcare were different, the approach varied, how their technology or approach was being applied was unique for each. But without fail the enthusiasm, drive, nearly scary levels of intelligence, and a relentless desire to improve patients’ lives that each is bringing to bear was simultaneously staggering, humbling and motivating.

Thank you all who attended, Tweeted, followed, spoke, or organized. But most of all, thank you for reminding me quite simply: we aren’t alone in this.

Be sure to watch this space for links to these and many other videos coming soon, and click here to see our outstanding list of speakers.

Photo features Jos Stella from Chandler Chicco Companies interviewing Feel Rich’s Shawn Ullman and Quincy Jones III (From left to right: Shawn Ullman, Quincy Jones III, Jos Stella)

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