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What Online Platform Benefits Your Digital Strategy?

What Online Platform Benefits Your Digital Strategy?

September 11, 2012 0 Comments

Each social media platform has its own capabilities and the means to help meet the goals of a digital strategy. However, with different platforms delivering different capabilities, it’s easy to make a wrong turn and drive down a digital road that prevents you or your company from meeting their full social media potential.

What can each platform do for you?


    It’s not ready yet, but Google+ is an up-and-coming platform to be used for building business relationships. Google+ is a platform used for self branding. A common mistake is comparing Google+ with online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The proper comparison to Google+ is LinkedIn because of the opportunities the two platforms present for the creation of business profile pages.


    LinkedIn is a wonderful platform to build business relationships with people online. By joining LinkedIn groups related to your business and consumers, and participating in the conversations within the groups, a business can grow and become an active voice in the LinkedIn community. LinkedIn is best used as a platform to establish your business as a thought-leader and gain trust with peers, rather than placing advertisements. Since users join LinkedIn to build relationships, ads can be overlooked, which makes them more expensive than they’re worth.


    A blog is a great way to boost SEO especially if you use the blog platform Blogspot. Since it is owned by Google, your blog will be favored in Google search results. Besides taking advantage of Google, a blog is frequently updated and has outbound links, which is critical. Since a website is static, it does not create as high of an SEO as a blog potentially may. A blog will drive a higher SEO with consistent content. Steer clear of having your blog sound too corporate – a successful blog has a casual, informal, personal tone of voice and adding tasteful humor is always a plus!


    Most measure the success on Facebook by the number of “likes” a page has. But, the number of likes a Facebook page has is essentially meaningless. When a user “likes” a Facebook page, the action of the “like” is shared simply one time on the Facebook platform. Engagement = meaningful. When a user engages with a Facebook page, every single one of those engagements is an action being shared in the user’s newsfeed. When a person engages, the more signals they’re sending out to their Facebook friends about that Facebook page and their loyalty to that company.


    Where your attention should be focused is Pinterest. It might not be the perfect platform for everyone right now, but it is something all brands should have their eye on. Rumors predict that within the next six months Pinterest may be allowing advertising. Since Pinterest is applauded for its design and layout, it is expected Pinterest will ensure the layout isn’t cluttered by ads but rather integrated organically. On the other hand, Pinterest may allow payment for content placement. For example, a business can pay for its content to be seen on the first page in the category feeds, including the “everything” category. Another potential option is a business can pay for content to become more searchable within the Pinterest platform. Also, talks suggest businesses may be able to pay for content to appear at the top of the scroll page, which prevents the content from being hidden under the first page and worse, being placed further below getting lost under the immense amount of pins and never being seen.

Developing a digital strategy takes time and hard work; do not waste this hard work by choosing the wrong digital platform. Not every platform is right for every brand or campaign, but determining the right strategy and platforms will help your business meet its full potential on social media.

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