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Access to the Right Care at the Right Time

Access to the Right Care at the Right Time

December 3, 2012 0 Comments

Making healthcare more accessible and affordable for the public is a prominent focus of the Chinese government’s current health reform efforts – a focus that will not alter despite the recent transition in leadership at the central government level. Achieving this mandate requires stringent cost-control measures, most notably in the form of harsh national drug price cuts and restricted access to innovative therapies.

This environment creates for industry an opportunity to ensure patients have access to the right care at the right time by aligning business, marketing and sales strategies with government reform priorities. It also demonstrates the need to communicate clearly about the broader value of innovative therapies to gain optimal access as cost-pressures increase and competition intensifies.

Today it is about how we can better integrate and work together to facilitate access to services, access to medicines across a broader geography and, importantly, access to valuable information and education on health and medical care. Access should be a central objective around which all departments and functions rally. Integrate departments around this objective and look to develop real customer-centric targeting and an understanding of the broader needs of the payer audience plus their perspective on managing health outcomes within the population they manage. All too often, important business decisions are made in early development with insufficient regard to payers’ preferences or the evolving market access environment, and without the benefit of the greater organization beyond government relations or HEOR departments.

Portions of this post were excerpted from our ‘Postcards from China’ series in PMLive where we explore why the evolving environment in China requires an integrated approach to achieve successful market access.

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