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The Fanciest Footwork in Brazil Can’t Be Found in Rio…

The Fanciest Footwork in Brazil Can’t Be Found in Rio…

August 25, 2016 0 Comments

The latest from GSW’s Health Experience Project assures us that some good does come from technology! A team of researchers in Sao Paulo released a report summarizing their findings of coupling virtual reality and “Brain-Machine Interfaces” – Resulting in a major breakthrough for paraplegic patients. Additionally, we learn that healthcare apps can save lives. Indulge in the following articles from our advertising colleagues:

The Fanciest Footwork in Brazil Can’t Be Found in Rio…

With worldwide buzz being created by the 2016 Olympics in Rio, it would be easy to assume that Brazil’s biggest miracle in recent memory must involve an Olympian. Surprisingly, that’s not the case. Last week, a team of researchers in Sao Paulo published an article in Scientific Reports summarizing the findings of their most recent work. Over the past few years, they used cutting-edge “Brain-Machine Interfaces” coupled with virtual reality as rehab therapy for eight paraplegic patients. Read More

Multichannel Healthcare: First Service, Then Channel

Britain’s conservative NHS cooperates with dating app Tinder, whilst big pharmaceutical companies cooperate with Google or Apple. And in spite of this, healthcare companies still struggle to make “multichannel” the new paradigm. Why is that? Read More

How New Apps Save Lives

Among all the healthcare app choices out there, do some actually have the potential to save someone’s life? As rightfully predicted, more healthcare apps launched this year that are already proving to make significant impact and might even rescue someone’s life. Read More

The New York Times Can Be Your New Texting Buddy

In a world where no one waits for information to come to them anymore, where you can ask Siri anything or just do a quick Google search, why shouldn’t Olympic coverage be this easy to access too? This same concept is beginning to emerge in the healthcare realm. Read More

Like Eating healthy, A Proactive Approach in Healthcare is the Way To Go

Most of what is talked about in healthcare is a way to cure a condition or fix an issue. In other words, action is taken after results or diagnoses have been revealed to the patient. Read More

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