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Refresh Your PR Toolkit

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Refresh Your PR Toolkit

April 16, 2015 0 Comments

Spring may finally be in the air in NYC, and while the spirit of spring cleaning typically means bringing the brighter colors and lighter cuts to the front of our closets; it’s also a good time to take stock of other areas in life where we can refine. Recently, while reviewing a spring cleaning pitch, I had the revelation that PR today is very different from when I started my career ten years ago. Instead of wallowing in self-pity that some might classify me a PR “old-timer,” I got to thinking, perhaps my PR toolkit needed a little refresh.

In that spirit, here are three ways to freshen up your favorite PR staples:

Reinventing the Wheel

What if you could reinvent an old school staple to form a new school idea? Recently, Motorola did that for the launch of its new smartphone, Moto E.  Instead of executing a press conference and creating a press kit, Motorola combined the best of both worlds to create a press event experience in a box. Upon opening the box, reporters felt like they were participating in a live press event, and were given access to the tried and true reporter needs like collateral materials to continue the virtual event experience. Oh, and let’s not forget a phone for the reporter to make a few calls.

Phone or not, what Motorola did well is that they determined a way to break through while embracing the spirit of efficiency that’s so critical to reporters. So the next time your team is strategizing tactics, think of how you can flip a traditional staple on its head.

The New Profnet

If I have one pet peeve about the digital world, it’s that not enough people pick up the phone to have a conversation. But the reality is there is a time and a place for everything, including how you research, approach and contact reporters with story ideas. In this age of real-time, it’s critical that we utilize platforms like Twitter or what I like to call, “the new Profnet” to jump on stories, connect with reporters and initiate key relationships.

Don’t let the digital age fool you though. The rules of media outreach remain. Be sure to properly disclose who your client is and tag your brand when pitching through social channels. Show the reporter you’ve done your homework by referencing their earlier social posts.

Take off the Marketing-Colored Glasses

Everyone knows the importance of influencers, but the age of giving them clear, hard boundaries are over. This spring, loosen the reins on content control. Influencers who don’t spend 8+ hours a day focused on your client like you can bring an authentic voice and new vision to your target. Let them be themselves and incorporate your brand into their everyday life. They’ll inspire their loyal following to do the same.

No matter the latest trends, there are a few staples I know I’ll always keep in my toolkit. Strong writing, quality face-time with a reporter and a good attitude will never go out of style.

Lauren W. Clark is a PR traditionalist at heart who loves cracking the code and finding ways to secure coverage for health and wellness brands. She is also a member of our Allidura team. This post originally appeared on Allidura’s blog, AllsWell.

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