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August 22, 2012


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The Social Surgery Room

Recently, hospitals have been taking social media into the operating rooms. Don’t worry, the actual surgeons are not doing the Tweeting or posting – they use a dedicated social media team for that. But what the surgeons are doing is...

Digital Pioneers – What Did We Learn?

One month ago, we held our first Pioneers in Digital Health event, bringing together digital thought-leaders from both the marketing and healthcare communications industries for a forum to explore the latest and greatest in healthcare and digital. While there were...

Pioneers in Digital Health – Afternoon Recap

The presentations at Pioneers in Digital Health continued to be engaging and forward-thinking in the second half of the day. The title of session two was Digital Solutions in Healthcare and focused on innovative ways our industry can use today’s...

Pioneers in Digital Health – Morning Recap

It’s been a thought-provoking day at our Pioneers in Digital Health forum. The day started off with an introduction by our President and CEO, Bob Chandler. After a few “housekeeping” notes from our Global Head of Digital, Ritesh Patel, session...

April 24, 2012


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The Digital World is Changing Fast – Can You Keep Up?

I’ve been doing this digital thing for some time now. I’ve been part of and witnessed many changes in our world, some good and some bad. However, I have never seen such a swift pace of change and digital adoption...

Research Impacts the Practice of PR

Recently, I attended the International Public Relations Research Conference (IPRRC) at the University of Miami. Since 2003, I’ve been participating in this truly international event, attended by leading academics and practitioners from 25 countries. There is no other conference like...

March 12, 2012


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Persistence, Yes, but Consideration Prevails Online – Day 3 of SXSW Interactive

Persistence is one of the buzzwords for this year’s SXSW and you hear it in sessions on marketing, branding, healthcare and content creation. It isn’t enough to launch a campaign and then disappear from view. A brand that achieves success...

February 15, 2012


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The Internet is Almost as Powerful as a Soft Drink

A couple of months ago I spent some time in India on vacation. I’ve been several times as my wife is from Pune, outside of Mumbai. One of the highlights for me on each trip is visiting with the family,...

New FDA Guidance Clarifies Brand & Generic Name Inclusion in Print, Broadcast and Online Media

First, let’s note that this document does not provide any new regulations regarding the industry’s use of digital and social media. Instead, these guidelines respond to requests that the FDA clarify the specific regulations for placement, size and prominence of...

January 20, 2012


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FDA Issues Guidance for Responding to Requests for Off- Label Information Online

Includes use of Digital/Social for this Purpose The FDA quietly issued a 15-page draft guidance on December 28th 2011, outlining how manufacturers could respond to solicited and unsolicited requests for off-label information. The draft addresses both private requests, such as...