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A new spokesperson for a new era

A new spokesperson for a new era

August 7, 2017 0 Comments
Did you know that one-third of teenagers want to be a YouTube star when they grow up? And while I was originally surprised by this, in thinking about it more I now understand why! Today, social media stars have large followings and can get paid thousands of dollars by brands to talk about products they already use or ideas they already believe in. While we’ve all been exposed to traditional celebrity campaigns, ranging from A-list to the lesser known (and less expensive) celebrities, in today’s day and age we are often faced with more and more questions about return on investment. This is especially true when the celebrity fee alone can sometimes be as big as a brand’s annual PR budget. Forbes recently examined this very topic and why social media stars are often more influential than traditional celebrities and traditional advertising.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Personal Element Leads to Authenticity and Greater Engagement with Your Brand: Social influencers are able to capitalize on human emotion and tell compelling stories. They establish more meaningful connections with their audience creating a sense of trust among consumers. Unlike broad-scale ads, influencers tend to promote brands that they are willing to connect to which further creates trust. Additionally, unlike ads, influencers have the ability for two-way engagement with the audience.
  • Going Straight to Your Target Increases Message Penetration: Social influencers are able to engage consumers who are interested in their work and products. Having a more targeted audience generates greater recognition and credibility for influencers within their field. This also eliminates mass awareness campaigns (in both PR and advertising) which are guaranteed to reach audiences that the brand is probably not targeting.
  • Ad Block Is Used by 26% of Desktop Users: A growing number of people are using ad block on their devices to avoid ads. Influencer marketing evades this challenge and allows for greater market penetration.
  • Micro-Influencers: There has been a recent rise in the number of “micro-influencers,” influencers with approximately 10-100K followers. While they may not be known worldwide, they still have a decent group of followers and fans willing to trust their judgment and advice. This is important to keep in mind for campaigns with smaller budgets.

So next time you’re considering a celebrity campaign as part of the marketing mix, challenge your team to see if there is a cheaper, yet more effective way of reaching your target audience. It’s certainly where we’re headed!

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