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Happiness and Productivity: A Package Deal

Happiness and Productivity: A Package Deal

June 14, 2017 0 Comments

How happy are you? This question has motivated countless shifts in workplace philosophy and policies in recent years, and for good reason; research shows that happiness can result in a productivity increase of about 12 percent.

But what can companies do to increase employee happiness? At CCA, we believe that the root of happiness comes from work-life balance – the concept that an employee’s time can be prioritized between their career responsibilities and ambitions, and their personal, non-work related aspirations and activities, to achieve a feeling of better health and well-being.

Work-life balance is not a new concept by any means, but one that can still be difficult for companies to harness, especially in the “on-demand” world of communications. And with the temptation of summer and sunshine pulling our focus from work, this time of year is especially important to refocus on maintaining a healthy balance.

At CCA we have a saying “work hard, play hard.” A big part of CCA’s culture is focusing on the importance of unplugging and re-charging outside of workplace hours. We have a summer Friday policy so that employees can step out early on Friday afternoons and spend their time doing things that they enjoy with their family and friends.

We also take time to enjoy the summer together at work. We’re lucky to be located on the West side of New York City, where we can take the conference room outside to the High Line. And sometimes, the festivities come to us. Recently, furry friends visited for a playdate, and next week we’ll welcome a sommelier for a summer wine tasting. No matter the activity, we strive to ensure that CCA employees are a happy (and productive) bunch!

How does your office relax and reboot? Tell us in the comments.

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